What can you do to ensure that you incorporate the conventions of the rights of the child in your work practices? You should discuss areas such as child focused work practices and age-appropriate decision making and other examples in your response.

The learner will need to demonstrate that they understand the rights of children and young people and can implement child-focused work practices that incorporate these, and also comply with legislation and duty of care responsibilities. 

The learner should provide a list and also explain what child-focused work practices they would implement and why.

Child-focused work practice ideas may include:

  • Listening to the child or young person
  • Being understanding with them and trying to see things from their point of view
  • Showing that you believe the child or young person and take them seriously 
  • Respecting them and their wishes 
  • Communicating with them on their level 
  • Treating them as an individual with rights 
  • Having realistic expectations 
  • Showing empathy and being patient 
  • Focusing on the child’s or young person’s needs 
  • Making sure they participate in decision-making 
  • Maintaining appropriate boundaries 
  • Accommodating special needs and different cultures 
  • Promoting positive experiences and outcomes 
  • Making sure services are relevant, accessible and child-friendly.

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