Preventing the Spread of Illness – Professional Development


This course provides information and resources relating to the following subjects:

  • Unit 1: Infection Control
  • Unit 2: Exclusion of Sick Children and Staff
  • Unit 3: Configure Groupings of Children to Minimise the Risk of Illness and Injuries
  • Unit 4: Source Information About Recognised Health and Safety Guidelines
  • Unit 5: Ensure that Service Procedures Are Followed, in Relation to Notifying Families of Illness or Injuries that Affect Children While in Education and Care
  • Unit 6: Advise Families and Public Health Authorities Where Necessary of Cases of Infectious Diseases at the Service and Provide Them with Relevant Information
  • Unit 7: Ensure Current Records of Children’s Immunisation Status Are Up-To-Date, and a Procedure Is in Place to Maintain the Currency
  • UNIT 8: Provide Information to Families and Educators About Child and Adult Immunisation Recommendations

Please note this course is for information purposes only. It’s designed for professional development purposes to ensure that child care staff can stay up to date with their understanding about the spread of illness in a childcare setting. It reviews content related to the following standards

  • NQS Standard 2.1 Each child’s health and physical activity is supported and promoted.
  • NQS Element 2.1.2 Effective illness and injury management and hygiene practices are promoted and implemented.