Day Two – A nature haiku

Today, I encourage you to take some space in a more natural setting and then try to write a haiku to share with the group.

Edward Hirsh wrote the following about the type of space needed to be creative.

Poetry is a vocation. It is not a career but a calling. For as long as I can remember, I have associated that calling, my life’s work, with walking. I love the leisurely amplitude, the spaciousness, of taking a walk, of heading somewhere, anywhere, on foot. I love the sheer adventure of it, setting out and taking off. You cross a threshold and you’re on your way. Time is suspended.

I wrote the following Haiku when on holidays recently. A good friend encouraged me to try out this poetic form and I thought it was great fun.


Morning’s first light framed
Held a moment in my hands
Eternity’s hello.

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