Day Four – Your Poems

Today is another opportunity to share one or more of your poems. Please feel free to share and to appreciate the creativity that is a part of this community.

To kick it off I thought that I would share one of my poems here.

This poem is was a reflection on the how I have felt during a recent difficult time.

But, the beautiful photo taken by my wife April on a foggy winters morning from our lounge window makes me realise that there’s another side to fog that needs to be seen as well.

When the fog rolls in,
The dull ache in my stomach,
Gnawing at my soul,
That voice speaking,
When I visit a thousand
Small meannesses
This morning,
Saying to myself, Look!
You did it again,
Trusted in the untrustworthy,
Stupid futility,
In a life not fully lived.

Pain visits, my innermost parts
Over and over, loudly,
Saying, failed.

I wish to rise above this
To look out on the beauty,
Of morning’s light,
My ache,
Welcoming the fog rolling in,
Knowing that light is there
Seeking me,
Hope, slowly arrives,
Not in a rush,
But in the faithful acts,
True to my ache
The kindness
Needed for today.

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