Day Five – Webinar

Today is an opportunity to catch up via a Webinar – This will recorded for later access.

The webinar time is: 7.00 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (Brisbane). You can check what time this is for you by clicking on this link.

The link to go to is here:

I will post it here later for those who aren’t able to make it.

Instructions are found either by clicking on this link

Or, you can watch the following video:

Because, only I can live this life
A breath inhaled deeply
From the fresh mountain air
Always to be returned
Drawing closer to my essence
Only I can take this breath
Called to face this day
To see its blessings and horrors
But, then always alone
Only I can live my life
Present to what is loved most
Only I can love this way
Love lies ahead of me
Only I can choose to step forward
Chris Gribble

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